Noiman Brothers Holdings is a privately owned global company, advancing business collaborations for nearly half a century.


Managing a well diversified portfolio of investments and business subsidiaries in Israel and abroad, the company joins forces with large scale enterprises to develop strong partnerships that drive advancements in real estate, infrastructure & energy, technology, and Socially Responsible Investment.

Based on core corporate values, a proven track record and a team of seasoned management professionals, Noiman Brothers Holdings specializes in identifying unique business opportunities. Leveraging its established relations with leading global financial institutions, conglomerates and governmental authorities Noiman Brothers Holdings focuses on developing its one of a kind access to solid business opportunities for cross-sector ventures in various industries that can deliver high yield returns.

Our Divisions

Employing a skilled and professional workforce throughout its numerous
subsidiaries, Noiman Brothers Holdings focuses on 3 main business activities:

Real Estate

Noiman Brothers is actively involved in developing,
promoting and constructing exclusive real estate projects from our real estate asset portfolio
throughout Israel as well as abroad


Planning, Management,
finance of international infrastructure projects.


Noiman Brothers Holdings invests in cutting edge
technologies that are synergetic to it’s business sectors
activities in the energy and Socially Responsible Investment sector

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